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Pop-Up Show: Magic Inside Books

Seventy books on show, selected from Massimo Missiroli's historical collection through an itinerary curated by the same collector and Matteo Faglia, taking us from the first three-dimensional publications to the birth of the name "pop-up", invented by an American publisher in 1932 and attributed to the title "Pinocchio", up to the artistic creations of the more recent years, including a rare book by Andy Warhol.
The first three-dimensional books were made in Europe in the second half of the 19th century. Since then, a continuous evolution in paper stationery research and in the pop-up technique has been taking place all over the world to surprise readers. Still today, children and adults keep on being fascinated by the surprise triggered by the pages of these books, created by increasingly refined 'paper-engineers', who can be seen also as artists and magicians.

(Organised by Massimo Missiroli and Matteo Faglia in co-operation with Firenze Fiera)





Spadolini Pavillon - ground floor


Map of the Fair